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bored...made a banner...


So I was awfully bored one weekend and I decided to make a "friends only" banner, when, in fact, I made so many that I couldn't use them all. Anywho, I decided to allow anyone who either needed one or whatever to take it, because you all share a love for liev, which is awesome. Check it out

I know, lame-ish, and it's really sticking to my whole "phantoms" theme. But hey, Liev none the less...
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What is with you and Liev Schrieber?
i really respect him as an actor because he's amazing and when he does big budget movies he uses the paycheck to get by when he does little theatre acting that pays jack. so yeah, i like his legitness. and i'm a nerd... hope that answers it...
Three words...
Kate and Leopold.

is that happy drool? because if it is, i concur:)
you tell her Dracula!
i wish i had a liev colorbar
i do too;( maybe i should make one. or get someone to make they exist?
not yet. but we can change that.